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This deviation was deleted

WHOA ITS JOHN... Alright first off, this looks really cute as it is, and I do like the lighting. Yet the hands may need a bit of touching up, since some of the fingers look kinda awkward in some places, but bleh oUo

Otherwise it looks alright, the anatomy's not perfect, but it sorta gives off a unique appealing style. Just to be nitpicky (lol, since it is a critique) I guess add a little more folds in the shirt to give it a bit more depth, rather than making the sleeves looks sorta flat?

Ack, I'm horrible at writing critiques, it might seem a bit lacking, ah well xD
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classydove Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Student General Artist
fff thank you! XD I do need to improve on clothes and fingers lmao but I still like this critique
thank you a lot! >U<
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